Part 4 - The Caress

“Viola, I promised Morgan another health cream massage,” Erika suddenly stated out of the blue. “Would you mind retrieving a pot in my room? I’d rather not force movement for now.”

The blonde girl tilted her head, and wordlessly nodded her agreement before standing up and leaving the room through purple curtains.

We had been chatting for close to a hour now. After spending a while discussing the whole familiar issue in great detail (they both wanted me to pick them as their Meister — in other words, they both wanted me to willingly surrender my free will to them), Viola suggested we talk about our respective lives to relax a little.

Having been the one to breach the subject, she went first. Viola was Rapture’s first princess, and Erika’s oldest sister. She had quickly discovered she didn’t enjoy living in what she described as nothing else than a golden cage one bit, and had spent nearly every waking hour of her life looking for a way out.

“It’s no use, though,” she explained with a resigned face. “From the get-go, this castle was conceived to be self-sufficient — I never got to see the external world. I know about it thanks to the library, but that’s pretty much it. I’m not even sure what Rapture’s raison d’être is, but I’ve never heard of anyone successfully getting out of here. There are no gates, anyway — it’s walls upon walls in every direction. If it hadn’t been for Ellen, I would have given up escaping long ago.”

Erika nervously shrieked upon hearing this name.

“It’s okay, Erika,” Viola calmly said, obviously trying to comfort her sister. “She can’t reach you anymore. You’re safe.”

When I saw the brunette’s pale face nod uncertainly, I asked who this Ellen person was.

“Our other sister,” Viola casually dropped. “And the castle’s second princess. She was an absolute genius when it came to magic — she’s the one who taught us everything. She also turned out to be a dangerous, murderous bitch who killed twenty three people before someone finally managed to stop her.”

Her tone was unusually monotonous, it had lost its usual bite. Apparently, even she couldn’t completely conceal her emotions when it came to this Ellen person.

There was a short silence, and Erika decided to introduce herself. Rapture’s third princess, she shared her older sister’s desire to run from the castle. Although she knew how magic worked in principle, she lacked the mana-bending capacity her sisters had and was mostly powerless as far as practical magic went. She had started studying potions as a consequence, unsatisfied with her limitations.

“Health cream is something she invented, actually,” Viola mentioned with a grin. “She’s shy and she doesn’t like bragging about it, but little Erika is the best potion maker in Rapture.”

Her blush was actually kinda cute.

Erika was looking at me, an intrigued expression painted on her face.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

I shrugged.

“Thankfully, the collar is actually… remarkably ergonomic.”

She tilted her head. “I meant generally.”

I mirrored her head tilt. “I’m… relieved to finally be out of my cell?”

She nodded uneasily, her eyes traveling to her end of our chain. “I had to promise not to let you go in order to free you,” she admitted. “This chain is going to be here for a pretty long time.”

I nodded. “I’ll try not to get in the way too much,” I offered, trying to acknowledge the sacrifice she had consented to for my comfort’s sake.

She gently leaned against my shoulder with a sheepish smile. “And I will take care of you, Morgan,” she calmly said. “If there is anything I can do to make your life easier, feel free to ask.”

That was the moment Viola chose to return from Erika’s room, carrying a few pots in her arms. “Would you mind laying on this table?” she asked, grinning.

Erika seemed to hesitate. “Why did you bring this many?”

The blond girl kept her grin, slowly depositing the pots on one of the table’s ends. Erika suddenly strengthened her back, blushing furiously. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

I wasn’t sure what was going on, and my body still ached from its earlier efforts, so I contented myself with observing their quarrel.

“We want to make the situation as comfortable as possible, don’t we?”

Erika was getting redder by the second. “But… We do not know whether…”

“Let’s ask, then? Morgan, would you like us both to massage you specifically to give you pleasure?”


Erika was looking at the floor now, clearly very embarrassed about the whole premise. Viola had finished unloading her loot; she approached me, and gently whispered in my ear.

“A moment ago, we accidentally discovered Erika’s health cream has an interesting side-effect. Using too much of it makes your skin extremely susceptible to caresses for a while.”

All of a sudden, it was my turn to blush. Erika’s reaction now made a lot of sense. Viola’s grin widened.

“Why are you suggesting this?” I asked, disconcerted by her offer.

“Because I want you to feel good,” she answered matter-of-factly, reaching for my left hand with the obvious intent of leading me to the table. I carefully circumvented her gesture by retracting my arm in my back, feeling like preserving my barely surviving sense of privacy. The wardens had washed me daily for weeks, and I had eventually grown indifferent to their touch, but this was different. This girl intended to give me an erotic massage.

Eventually, Erika snapped out of her floor-staring and she set her gaze on the unguent pots in carefully laid out in front of her. “Although I do not feel like forcing you to accept, I encourage you to give it a try,” she muttered, her cheeks pink. “Viola is actually skilled with her hands, and physical stimulation will probably improve your well-being considerably.”

Viola let out a giggle. “You heard the lady. Come on, trust me for a few minutes. I’ll make sure you don’t regret it.”

Baffled by Erika’s sudden change of tone, and admittedly a little curious, I slowly removed my arm from my back and allowed Viola to grab my hand. She wasted no time pulling me to my feet and guiding me to the table, whistling as she laid me down on with my back directly against the cold glass after swiftly removing my shirt.

Erika had squatted on the floor near my head; she was smiling awkwardly. “You will probably enjoy this,” she said, visibly doing her best not to look away from my eyes. “Just follow Viola’s lead.”

I nodded, unsure of what I had gotten myself into. Viola was calmly unsealing the pots, one by one, and disposing them around my body.

“Are you ready, Morgan?” she eventually asked, breaking the silence that had formed. Surprisingly, her voice wasn’t playful — she was apparently pretty serious about what she was about to do.

When I signaled my agreement, she plunged her two hands in containers on either side of my feet and immediately applied them on my feet’s top, drawing small circles with her hands to spread the cream over their entire surface.

Slowly but surely, I realized the amount of cream on my skin seemed to be diminishing. Erika gave me a knowing smile. “When it is laid over the skin, the health cream regenerates the tissues beneath it over a few hours… but when you actually rub it for a few minutes, it starts penetrating the skin and causes accelerated regeneration. This is where the enhanced sensitivity comes from.”

I suddenly shivered; Viola had just let her fingernails glide over my right foot’s top, demonstrating the cream’s effects. Erika actually grinned.

The massage proceeded to my soles. Viola briefly tested my sensitivity to tickling before starting her massage, making sure not to trigger unwanted bursts of laughter.

I was actually a little disappointed when she let go of my feet. “Don’t worry,” she said, apparently aware of my feelings. “The actual massage hasn’t started. First, I need to prime your body for it.”

“I see,” came my involuntarily needy response.

By the time Viola’s hands reached my thighs, I had grown accustomed to the sharp bursts of pleasure my skin was sending me. Gasps of bliss occasionally escaped my lips; I was long past trying to hold them in.

I suddenly felt another set of hands spread health cream over my right arm, and realised Erika had decided to partake in the massage. I looked at her face, our eyes interlocking for a few seconds. She still had her sheepish smile.

“Do you have any objection?” she asked innocently, pausing in her movement.

When I shook my head, she resumed her ministrations, obviously satisfied with my compliance.

As I lay down on the glass table, panting, naked, slowly recovering from the physiological high Viola and Erika had expertly thrust me into with their health-cream enhanced caresses, I realised something was off. Or, more accurately, I started acknowledging it.

Their massage had been incredibly agreeable, yet my body hadn’t reacted to them the way I would have expected it to. There had been no arousal, no excitation, no crave, no itch. Nothing sexual. Just an incredibly pleasurable wellbeing.

This wasn’t the only thing that was off. Until now, pain, exhaustion and fear had kept me focused on the external world. At the current time, though, I felt safe and rejuvenated. For the first time in a pretty long time, I was able to pay attention to my sensations, to myself.

I felt weird, in many ways. I felt as though my brain had been disconnected from the remainder of my body for a while, and was slowly reestablishing the communication network and discovering each of its peripherals had been swapped with something new.

Slowly but irremediably, it dawned on me that this wasn’t my body. As I sat up to try and deliberately examine myself, looking for a sign of my past form and failing to find anything, I registered so many alien sensations I had missed until now my head started to hurt.

I was actually pretty small. Up to now, I had simply assumed the people living in this castle were unusually tall, but this presumption was getting harder and harder to hold onto now that my brain was focusing on it.

I was also very clearly a girl. A rather shapeless one, but there was nothing masculine about my body. Based on my size and proportions, I had to assume I was slightly older than Erika — but not by much.

I must have let my panic take over my face at some point, for Erika was now staring at me with a worried face.

“Is everything alright?”

I stared back at her, trying to determine whether I should tell her about my epiphany. Was she aware of the transformations I had gone through, or did she think of this form as my original form?

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