III - The Sweet

You aren’t sure how to feel about this. Although you’ve occasionally wondered aloud what it would feel like to wield magic, you never thought Sakura would actually give the idea serious thought. The small rabbit-decorated ring on your left hand certainly is telling another story, though. You feel butterflies flutter around in your stomach whenever you catch sight of it.

You reread through the small note Sakura gave you along with the ring for the fifth time.

“You don’t really have magic energy of your own, which means an ordinary wand wouldn’t work,” Sakura explains. “Instead, you’ll be using my own magic. The ring is able to transfer a small fraction of my energy to you, and allows you to wield it provided I don’t veto it. You won’t be able to use many cards, and ultimately your power will depend on my goodwill entirely but... well, that’s the best I can manage for now. We’ll have to discuss creating new cards for you later.”

You hear a very soft sigh escape her lips. She’s been laying on the couch behind you; she apparently fell asleep at some point. That’s hardly surprising - based on your understanding, creating this ring must have drained a very large part of her energy.

You browse through the cards she lent you, pondering trying to use one of them to test the ring’s power. A particularly fluffy one attracts your eye, and you look above your shoulder to examine her, blushing at the mental image of what you’re thinking of doing.

And you decide to just go ahead and do it.

Her sweet-turned panties dissolve deliciously easily between your teeth, exposing her unusually good smelling pubes. Apparently, it worked exactly the way you’d envisioned.

You sit back, gently nudge her to make sure she’s awake, tell her about your idea and grin as she grins and nods. And then you start licking her strawberry-flavored intimacy, hearing the Sweet indignantly protest somewhere in the back of your mind. There is little doubt this isn’t what she was created for, but you don’t really care - you’re a hacker.

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Posted on: 2014-10-29

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