II - The Shield

She calmly examines your naked form, humming one of your favorite songs as she occasionally lets a hand glide across your belly or one of your breasts. You nervously watch her, unsure what to expect in spite of your absolute trust in her. “Strip entirely, and stand in the middle of the room,” she instructed a couple of minutes ago with a mischievous smile while picking a card from her deck.

Eventually, she walks to your side of the bed and daintily opens your bed table’s lowest compartment, making you blush furiously as she rummages through your toys.

Upon noticing your intent stare, she grins and asks you to close your eyes for now. You contemplate protesting, but reluctantly agree when she reiterates with a not-so-innocent smile. She resumes searching as you wonder what kind of wicked plan she devised.

You hear her close the door and return to your side, gently patting your butt before standing in front of you and, to your dismay, not doing anything for a couple minutes. Just as you’re starting to think of opening your eyes, she suddenly plants her lips on yours and french kisses you.

And grabs your left breast, and attaches something sticky to its nipple. You squirm in anticipation, recognizing the grasp of your nipple vibrator as she awkwardly does the same to your right breast, never breaking lip contact.

She eventually takes a step back to extend her wand, and activates a card just as you ask her whether you’re allowed to open your eyes.

“Sure, go ahead,” she enables you, and you discover she is holding your toys’ remote in her left hand. You tilt your head, reaching for your right breast - she didn’t get the clamp on properly.

And your hand is stopped in mid-air by a transparent membrane. She grins, turns your toys on at their highest setting and puts the remote on the ground, next to the wand and the Shield card.

Just as your legs start to quiver from the unexpectedly unescapable massage, just as your lips start to tremble, barely managing to contain a moan, she pushes you toward the bed, forces you to sit and crouches in front of you to open hostilities with your crotch.

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Posted on: 2014-10-29

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