VI - The Rain

You’re intrigued. You just got back from an important meeting with the Company (landed a deal with a new contractor), and discovered a memo waiting for you on the breakfast table.

“Come and join me in the bathroom, naked,” Sakura instructs in her cute handwriting. You smile sheepishly to no-one in particular, realizing your lover is getting really excited about these card games. You wouldn’t have expected her to be, but you certainly aren’t complaining - you’ve never felt this close to her before.

Upon entering the bathroom, you’re greeted with a sight that immediately makes you squeal in delight, and melt in pleasure. Sakura is standing in the middle of the bathroom, her arms tied to a pipe above her head with a ribbon you offered her a few months ago in an attempt to get her interested in bondage. She’s stark naked; she’s holding her wand between her teeth. She’s smiling and blushing, obviously very excited about your reaction.

If you’re honest with yourself, she kinda looks like a child who just painted their first piece of art and is too unexperienced to notice the flaws in their work. You aren’t entirely sure how she managed to tie this knot on her own, but even then it isn’t exactly a great knot - it’s too loose to be safe, yet too tight for escapology.

You approach her, take the wand out of her mouth (she resists for a couple of seconds, but quickly lets go when you give her breasts a squeeze) and french kiss her. She struggles to try and escape your predatory lips; you simply press your lips harder onto her lips, and melt a little more upon hearing her moan and noticing her legs squirming.

You eventually take a step back, licking your lips. “Good evening, Sakura-chan,” you greet her as she slowly recovers from your aggression, panting. She blushes and weakly greets you back, smiling.

“You seem to have a submissive side,” you casually observe, paying attention to her body language. She doesn’t answer, and lets her eyes travel to the right instead. It probably is a little early to talk about this stuff. “So, which card are we using tonight?” you ask, waving her wand around.

“The Rain,” she immediately answers. “Actually, I’ve already set it up with specific instructions. It’ll activate when you give her the command word.”

You nod, and start working on the knot her arms are trapped in. At first, she gives you a puzzled look, but she actually giggles upon realizing you’re tightening it.

“It will rain in the entire room,” she explains. “The water’s temperature will vary depending on my pleasure level.”

“Do you mean to say it’ll get warmer if you’re aroused?”

She nods, blushing again. She really is adorable when she’s helpless like that. “What’s the command word, then?”

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Posted on: 2014-10-31

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