V - The Maze

Thankfully, she immediately picks up. Her cheerful voice quickly drives the point home: your current predicament is part of the game and she expects you to follow the rules (as long as you’re game, of course).

You set the phone on speaker mode next to you, and take a deep breath before picking the box up again.

“I’ll give you one free hint,” she casually drops. “The puzzle I’ve devised for you relies on the Maze. In other words, the box you’re holding doesn’t follow euclidian rules. I assume you know what that implies?”

You nod to no-one in particular, and squirm. It’s the first time she isn’t physically present while using a card to torment you, and you’re a little uncomfortable with the premise.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” she announced this morning while preparing her suitcase. “And I promise I’ll make it up to you when I return tonight,” she added. “And of course, if something comes up you can just tell me and I’ll free you straight away, no questions asked. I’ll have my phone handy at all times, and I’ll plug your phone so it doesn’t run out of battery and leave you stuck.”

After a short hesitation, you decided that you trusted her and let her work her magic on you. And then you woke up in the present situation.

At first, you weren’t sure what she had supposedly done to you. You were laying on the sofa in the living room, feeling normal, definitely not trapped or anything.

Then you noticed the blank, featureless leather shackle around your right foot, and the chain that connected it to one of the sofa’s heavy feet. So, you were restricted to the sofa. Not really a big deal.

And then you noticed the purple wooden box next to the sofa, and upon picking it up you heard a very soft buzz coming from your panties. And you realized, upon investigating, that these panties had been coated with the Shield. Your phone was plugged to the wall next to the sofa, well within reach.

Really, the buzz wasn’t particularly strong, it actually felt pretty nice. The main issue was you had no way to stop it, no way to even interact with it. You figured the box contained something to help you out of your predicament, and gave Sakura a call to ask her about it.

Your frustration with the box is peaking. You give Sakura another call. “What’s up?” she falsely asks, obviously aware of exactly what is up. Or down. Whatever.

“Can I get another hint?” you ask straight away, blushing as you absent-mindedly caress your belly - the Shield won’t let you reach any lower than that.

She giggles, and you have no difficulty picturing her smile. “Sure, but that one won’t be free,” she eventually answers. “I’ll give you one hint per increased level on the buzz. You know what I’m talking about, right?”

You groan, but agree. One more level should be bearable, right?

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Posted on: 2014-10-29

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