I - The Illusion

“The Mirror?” you ask, tilting your head at the young women in undies in front of you. “I think I’ll like that one, having two of you should be twice as fun.”

One of the Sakura (the fake one - her hands are empty) approaches and sits on your lap, smiling mysteriously. The real one discards her wand on the bed, and sits next to you both, laying her hand on your back. She strokes your shoulders, helping you relax as her fake counterpart leans forward and steals your lips.

The Mirror is a surprisingly good kisser. Did Sakura train her card to the art when you weren’t looking, or is the card just that good?

You daren’t interrupt. Sakura made it clear when she agreed to play this little game you thought up: although her cards are all properly fed and not starved for mana in any way, they are not used to being used this way and you are to be very careful when handling them.

To be honest, you’re fine with the premise. The Mirror really is a great kisser; you see little point in interrupting her impressively long and needy gesture. Sakura’s hands have silently moved to your legs; she’s started massaging your inner thighs, making you tremble.

The Mirror suddenly decides to bite your lower lip (one of your super secret weak points) and you reflexively let a moan out. Sakura grins and hugs you from behind, grabbing your arms to make sure you won’t interrupt the Mirror’s exploration of your mouth. You weakly struggle, more for show than anything - honestly, you’re excited to be trapped in your lover’s embrace as her reversed copy eats your face.

Then the Mirror interrupts the kiss and looks at you, tilting her head with a large grin. And then she giggles, catching you off guard. “Actually, I’m the real one,” she beams, caressing your defenseless shoulders. “And this isn’t the Mirror - rather, it’s the Illusion.”

You tilt your head in turn, puzzled. That does explain the teeth-and-tongue maestria. You grin, and lean forward, reaching for your lover’s lips. She grins and resumes kissing you.

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Posted on: 2014-10-28

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