IV - The Fight

She interposes her right arm, weakly trying to push you away; you effortlessly grab her wrist and push it back on the mattress before forcefully violating her lips, briefly catching a glimpse of the rabbit symbol on your left hand as you lean forward. She grunts and moans, doing her best to struggle against your insane strength, kicking her legs in protest, but to no avail - you just are way too strong for her.

She stops resisting for a couple of seconds, and you pull back to check on her. “Are you okay?” you ask, not managing to preserve the atmosphere of false violence quite in spite of yourself. She blushes, and nods a couple of times, smiling wildly. “Actually, I really really like this,” she states as you absent-mindedly examine your ring (the only way you have to make sure she’s actually okay with the situation). “I think I’ve longed for this kind of...”

She tilts her head, looking for a word you only know too well. “Domination?” you suggest, and she nods, blushing furiously.

So, she actually does like being the weak, fragile doll too. You’ll have to make sure to remember this. Although you certainly don’t mind being her thing, you want to please her more than anything, and if that means making her your thing instead from time to time you’re fine with it. And a little excited, if you’re honest with yourself.

She smiles weakly, and suddenly rolls to her side, trying to escape the bed. She obviously knows very well that her attempt won’t work under the current scenario, but that’s apparently fine with her. You playfully let her set one foot on the ground before expertly pushing her into submission once again, giggling with her as her body succumbs to your alien mastery of immobilization.

Really, you wouldn’t have expected to ever be allowed to lay a finger on the Fight, considering her inclination toward violence. “Don’t worry about it,” Sakura had simply answered when you’d confronted her about it. “Her power depends on your power. With the magic energy I’m allowing you to use, the Fight will only make you very slightly stronger than me.”

“Very slightly stronger.” Considering her competence level, you have little doubt she knew exactly how strong you’d become.

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