Rewriting Your Body

Part of the Chuck series.

Or maybe it is?

I nervously triple-checked the various phrases she was writing down around me. “This is entirely reversible, right?”

She giggled. “Of course it is, silly. I wouldn’t permanently turn you into a girl on such short notice and without your okay. What kind of ex-captain are you taking me for?”

I grinned. “You’re an enchantress now, remember? I know not to trust you too easily. Plus, you do realize that whole ritual of yours isn’t exactly reassuring to begin with, right?”

She approached and gently poked me on the right cheek with her paintbrush. I tried to catch it, but she still was way too quick for my reflexes.

“Oh, good idea,” she absent-mindedly said while going back to her magic circle. “I need you to be obedient.”

The air was light. Even though I was protesting, I did actually trust her.

It all happened very quickly. The ink she’d spread on the ground following complicated patterns and simple phrases started glowing, and it gathered around my feet, entering my skin.

“And now,” she incanted with a serious tone, “the language shall become your truth. It shall sculpt your very being.”

She’d explained me this kind of magic circle would transform me to fit the attributes she’d written. I mentally tried to remember what she’d endowed me with… ‘Nice rack’, ‘Voluptuous ass’…

She was smiling at me. “You’re gonna be sooo sexy once I’m done with you.”

I think I blushed.

My breath was heavier than ever before. She definitely knew what she was doing. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

She licked my lips once more, caressing my thighs with her red nails, and I felt an explosion start at the back of my mind and quickly conquer the whole of my being. And then there was a black screen.

I was still catching my breath when she finally released my hands, marking the end of our ‘game’. I slowly rolled to my sides, gathering myself.

“So, Ronnie, do you like this kind of intercourse?”

I wasn’t sure what to answer. She’d hold me to whatever I said now; I had to carefully pick my words.

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Posted on: 2012-05-05

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