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Update #17

Update #17 - 2015-07-17

Third intermission week! Here's Skye's card~


When it comes to battlefields, Skye is best described as a tactical fortress. Her main ability is the generation and manipulation of corpuscular mana - that is, she can create black physical masses around her and she can bend them to her will, alternating between offensive and defensive formations in split seconds.

Because of this nightmarishly versatile ability, managing to land a hit on Skye when she expects it requires the ability to pierce tougher-than-steel shields of arbitrary widths while simultaneously dodging potentially lethal blades and beams. To make the matters worse, long-distance attacks are equally uneffective: the corpuscule can easily block magical attacks, and it is usually able to deflect anything physical that can be thrown at it.

The thing is, Skye doesn't really care about the battlefields she's walked through - that much is obvious to anyone who fought next to her. Between her nonchalant blocks, her half-fired attacks and her casual mockeries aimed at both sides, many have wondered why she decided to take part in wars at all in the first place.

The answer to this question is simple: Skye likes challenges. When Skye enters a battlefield, it's never for the sake of a cause - she's simply looking for opponents able to make her break a sweat.

Unfortunately, the last war drove the point home: such opponents simply don't exist. Thus, Skye decided to let go of her career as a fighter, and reconverted to intelligence to great effect.

At this point, Skye's objectives are unclear to most, but they involve investigating the Tree of Life. Supposedly, curiosity has a lot to do with these objectives.

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