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Update #16

Update #16 - 2015-07-11

Second intermission week! And I think I'll just go ahead and say Nomashora updates "once a week" instead of "on Monday" for the time being. I'm not dropping the updates rhythm - one update per week is still going to be the target speed - but being upfront about my difficulties updating on Monday specifically will be easier on my nerves.

Last week, we took a look at Yuuki; today, we're talking about Terra.


Midearth's main sword in the previous war against Eastair. Unlike Yuuki, who functions as a mid-range unit, Terra excels at short range and most of her tactics involve closing quarters with her targets to one-hit-kill them with her devastating blazing punchs. She doesn't really care about spells thrown her way, thanks to her huge magic absorption abilities; her main concern when fighting is actually her inability to keep her arms from overheating due to magic use (the numerous burn scars on her arms were earned this way). She deals poorly with opponents able to keep her any further than a few meters away, such as Skye, because her destructive power relies specifically on her ability to touch living matter with her hands.

As a child, Terra quickly got interested in the art of warfare and she attended a dojo to train. There, she met Skye; over the years they developed a deep trust, as well as a rivalry regarding their duel performances. (Terra consistently loses when she faces Skye in battle, but this is due to their specific abilities giving Skye an overwhelming advantage against her.)

When the war started ten years ago, the duo naturally mobilized to advance Midearth's agenda and together they took down the Eastairan offensive in barely a few weeks, although at a great cost for Terra's health (most of her scars were made at this time).

After that, Skye disappeared from Terra's radar and it eventually turned out that she had switched sides; the Midearth intelligence agencies decided to have them fight as generals to cleanse Terra's name of suspicion (and because Terra wouldn't want to go to the battlefield again).

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