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Update #15

Update #15 - 2015-06-29

Welcome to Nomashora's first intermission! This will be a period of narrative rest, which I'll use to reload my rush batteries while exploring various aspects of Nomashora through bonus content.

We're going to kick this intermission off with a series of short character biographies (with accompanying Love Live! inspired cards because why not). A bunch of people have been asking for these, so I hope you'll enjoy!


First and foremost, Yuuki is a combat mage. She is excessively gifted in the areas of magical flight, bombardment, dogfight, damage absorption and projectile barrage, which makes her a formidable unit to fight whether alone or as a team; additionally, she is pretty good at tactical improvisation, although her recklessness occasionally puts her teammates at risk when fighting in formation.

Because of her crazy talents, Yuuki quickly got recruited into Midearth's military as its top-level fighter to prepare for the upcoming war with Eastair. Unfortunately for her, her status as Midearth main sword turned out to make her an attractive target for directed attacks and she was mysteriously shot down and captured by an unknown assaillant in the middle of a night battle with Eastair prior to the beginning of Nomashora.

When Midearth's forces finally managed to retrieve her from an Eastairan prison, she discovered she couldn't wield mana anymore and wouldn't be able to resume fighting. This indirectly led to Midearth's first defeat at war in a very, very long time.

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