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Update #14

Update #14 - 2015-06-22

Sorry about the lack of update last week, I had more stuff to take care of than expected (end-of-school-year rush et all).

With that out of the way: this is the final update of Episode 1! Thanks for sticking with me.

A couple random stats about Nomashora, Episode 1 because I feel like it:

  • 14 updates.
  • 493 total frames.
  • An average of 35 frames per episode.
  • At total, I've had to skip only one update (there have been late updates though, usually by two days at most). That's much better than what I'm used to! I'll thrive to do even better than that for Episode 2.

Episode 2 will not start straight away. Two reasons to this:

  • I need to reload my batteries. These last three weeks have been exhausting for me (not because of Nomashora, but the update rhythm has suffered as a side-effect), and I want to be in top condition when I resume the story.
  • I wanna upgrade the tech behind Nomashora's storytelling. I'm thinking of aiming at a "visual novel" feel for some of the updates (which will coexist with more classical, full drawn updates); I need to develop the engine for this.

I'm not entirely sure when Episode 2 will start. I'm aiming for earlier than August 15th, though - by then I should be more than ready.

Of course, Nomashora won't sleep in the meantime! I'll keep content coming, so please keep on checking in every Monday! You can expect worldbuilding stuff, probably a few character biographies and possibly random Nomashora-related art dumps.

Oh, and a question-and-answer session. Speaking of which, do you have (non-spoilery) questions you'd like answered about Nomashora? Here's your chance to ask them - just mail them to me and I'll answer them in one of the hiatus updates if I can!

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