I am starting to know how to do a few things, and I am more than willing to do these things for you in exchange for money! Here's everything you need to know.


Web development

Tl;dr version:

  • I mostly master raw PHP development (as long as it’s flat-database). I specialize in Kirby CMS.
  • I’m rather good at HTML/CSS coding.
  • Currently in the process of learning Javascript. I can use it (especially JQuery), though.
  • I charge €20 per hour. Total cost is evaluated before I start working on the project; 50% is owed at the beginning of the project, the remaining 50% are owed upon delivery date.

I can build websites and web-based applications. For instance, I built this site using Kirby CMS, as well as a few external libraries (Bootstrap, jQuery, Leaflet).

I am currently building a portfolio regarding this competence (I simply didn’t think of building one earlier is all).

For the purpose of back-end web development ("how it works under the roof"), I tend to use Kirby CMS because of its minimalistic, yet highly efficient approach. I am rather good at back-end as long as no physical database is involved (i.e. I work in flat database paradigm). That being said, if you need a database, I can obviously learn how to do that for the job.

Regarding front-end development ("what it looks like"), I do well with CSS and HTML5; I'm still learning Javascript (I can use it, but I haven't worked enough with it to paint myself confident).

For any web development project, I will always discuss the specifics with you before I actually start working. Together, we will establish a set of target specifications ("what you're paying for"); I will then evaluate the amount of work necessary for each of these specifications, and come up with a predicted work time (I charge 20 euros per hour of work). Of course, if you decide you aren't happy with the suggested price, we can change the set of specifications.

I haven't figured contracts out yet, but the bottom line is I'll require 50% of due amount before I start working, and the remaining 50% when I deliver the finished product. I will also contact you frequently to check whether you’re happy with this and that at various stages of advancement.


Tl;dr version:

  • I’m perfectly fluent in both French and English.
  • I can do fiction and non-fiction.
  • I haven’t established cost rules yet. Let’s talk about it together!

I can write both fiction and non-fiction, in either French or English. I can also translate between these two languages in both directions.

A lot of my recent written works are on this very site, in the writing section (which serves as my portfolio for fiction writing). I don’t really have a non-fiction portfolio at the current time, but that’s planned.

Worldbuilding and character development are two things I specialize in when it comes to fiction. For that matter, if you want to consult me for coherency checks in your own writing, please feel free to do so.

For non-fiction, I’d say my specialties are analysis, advice and, to a certain extent, humor (but humor is personal, so whether I’m funny probably lies in the eyes of the beholder).

I haven’t figured the pricing out yet. Just contact me with your project and we’ll figure it out together.

Wanna hire me?

Please contact me at I should be able to get back at you within three days, usually less than that.

Last updated on: 2015-04-30