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Beckyverse’s comment threads are hosted externally, on a Discourse board. At its core, this build of Beckyverse is based on Kirby, a database-free PHP content management system (I strongly recommend trying it, but be careful: you will most likely fall in love with it the moment you understand how it works).

In Kirby, implementing comments can be achieved internally to the system… but that requires installing a database, a task I really dislike having to take care of. At first, I thought of using Disqus to implement comments without having to take care of the database hassle, but ultimately I don’t really like relying on Disqus for such a personally important site.

And then I ran into Discourse. Discourse is a heavy (hosting-wise) open source forum software built “for the next ten years” and so far, it’s living up to that goal. It can also work with other systems to serve as their comments engine; that’s how Beckyverse is set up.

Not all of Beckyverse’s pages are discussion enabled (I don’t think there’s a point in enabling comments on an about page, for instance). When a page is discussion enabled, it will most likely be obvious at first glance - the linked thread will simply show up right at the bottom of the page. If you wanna join the discussion, you’ll need to register on (the Discourse forum).

Which leads me to my next point: I wanna create a community at talk.beckyverse. As a friend of mine very rightly put it the other day, I talk with a lot of really interesting folks, and if I could get all these folks to talk to each other there’d be a lot of potential for great conversation and ultimately great community.

And I want to talk to even more people! So, if you wanna talk about whatever, please come over. doesn’t have to be Beckyverse-centric :).

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Posted on: 2015-03-15


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